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Be Your Own Boss

My Story goes back to High School. I had NO clue what I wanted to become or the path that I was going to take after Graduation. I just knew I wanted Money Flowing in from Multiple Sources. I did the 9 to 5 Work thing. My first job was at Six Flags Magic Mountain that I fell in Love with because I got Paid Weekly. My next job was at the Hospital and I was there for about 3 years. Honestly, in the end, I Hated being under supervision and doing the same routine every single day. Waking up at 5 am, clocking in at 6 am, 10 min Breaks, 30 min Lunches. While Working at the Hospital, I was able to make enough to put Money aside and still take care of my everyday responsibilities (kids, rent, gas, food). I was trying to figure out How I can flip my income. I was looking for someone to put me on. Thanks to 2 people who gave me that Opportunity, I took that Risk and invested in myself and I have maintained to Be My Own Boss since October 2013. If you are Overwhelmed with work, debt, and finances, I want to be a Blessing to You and Put You On with my resources to get you set up Earning Money Online. My Services and Strategies Aim to Introduce you to A lot of Money Online that will Leave You Laughing All The Way to the Bank… Ha Ha !

My Passion

I love that I have the opportunity to impact the lives of other hard-working entrepreneurs, learn and grow. I’m passionate about this for many reasons, mainly because a mentor is something I’d wish I had. It would have been great to have had access to an experienced mentor working in my field of interest when I was in school and throughout my 20’s. It’s fulfilling to know that I’ve contributed to someone else’s growth and development. Seeing them succeed as a result of my input is a reward in itself. I never know, my passion could make a difference to one person, a group, a neighborhood, or worldwide, Who knows? As I continue to advance in my field, I don’t have all the answers to your questions and am not there to put it together for you but to guide you through the process for those that desire to be their own Boss.

My Goals

My Goal is to shift your mindset by helping you learn a new way of thinking by discovering where you are now and get you to where you want to be. I will provide you with specific skills, knowledge, and guidance by creating an atmosphere of open opportunity. I’ll be your guide for ideas and advise you where to go for the information you need to know to advance your careers and succeed. I’ll set the topic, pace, goals, and learning method. I will support you by offering valuable advice, motivation, and encouragement. I appreciate the chance to talk to you and together we will work and strategize to build and come up with the best possible plan of action towards a solution to solve your problems.